Friday, May 1, 2015


by L.A Kornetsky
Pocket Books    2015
295 pages     Mystery

It's Mystery Month in the book world. and I have about 50 mysteries on my Kindle. 30 days and 50 mysteries. Don't think I will get them all read.

Today's entry is an OK start with a cozy mystery called Clawed by L.A. Kornetsky, due out at the end of the month. It is the fourth in the series called "A Gin and Tonic Mystery" a name that is just too cute for words. Ginny is the "Gin" and Ted Tonica is the "Tonic." See what I mean! Ginny has a dog and Tonica has a cat, who are buddies and the four complete the crime fighting, but unlicensed, PI entourage. In another "cute" touch, the thoughts of the cat and dog are written in italics as they help their masters solve the crime.

In Clawed, Ginny is invited to Portland from her home base in Seattle to plan an event for an older woman. She is paid a $2000 retainer, but when she arrives at the woman's house, she finds a dead man under the kitchen table. Apparently there is no woman because the house is owned by the dead man. Rather than returning home and forgetting the whole thing, Ginny decides to pursue the situation against the advice of Tonica who has remained in Seattle. 

The plot meanders from there. Other than the delightful relationship between Ginny and Tonica and the animals, the character development is marginal at best, and the plot really doesn't make much sense. However, if you are sitting in the dentist's office or waiting for an airplane, it might be a decent diversion.

Here is the review for the other Gin and Tonic mystery I read, Doghouse. As I recall, the plot was better developed and moved along at a faster clip. 

L.A. Kornetsky is the pen name of the author Laura Anne Gilman who has written several other books.  

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