Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Rechargeables

by Tom Rath
Illustrated by Carlos Aon
Missionday     2015
46 pages     Picture Book

Tom Rath incorporates the philosophy of three of his books, Eat Move Sleep, How Full is Your Bucket for Kids  and Are You Fully Charged, into a picture book for children called The Rechargeables. It is a relateable story about Poppy and Simon, who are completely out of energy. Using experimental research, they figure out how to recharge their energy. They find that eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep helps everyone in the family become recharged. 

The Rechargeables seems most appropriate for early elementary aged children. I can see it being used in science or health classes or at a story time in the library. There are many activities that could follow the reading of the book. It could be used with a nutrition unit or in a physical education class. I particularly like the battery-style shirt sticker that a child can wear to show that he/she is fully charged. It is a bit longer than a standard picture book, which is why it might be more appropriate for elementary-aged children.

The illustrations are delightful. They are full page and do an excellent job of telling the story, which is the most important part of good picture books. 

The Rechargeables is fun and educational. Your kids will love it. If you are a teacher, it will be a valuable tool for your classroom.

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