Monday, October 13, 2014

Technology and the dead Kindle

Dear friends,

Just a note to say that my Kindle died rather unceremoniously right in the middle of the book, Born into the Children of God by Natacha Tormey. Currently, I have about 250 books on my Kindle, since most advanced reader copies of books are now coming to me as e-books. 

While at first I hated reading on the Kindle, I have grown to love the immediate access to the books that I want to read, as well as the huge variety of books that come to me as advanced readers copies.

So, while I am waiting for my new Kindle Voyager to arrive—there is a back up in delivery until the middle of November—I am going to be catching up on some hard copy books that I have on hand, including the marvelous Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Strout that I am reading for book club this week.

So--a great bunch of books awaits! Keep checking in. I'll review the Kindle Voyager once I get it. 


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