Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Taste of Home Recipes Across America

by Taste of Home
Reader's Digest 2013
512 pages     Cookbook
The Shortlist

If you have ever eaten in a regional restaurant and thought "Wow, this is wonderful! I would love to make this at home!," then this cookbook is for you. Recipes Across America is divided into regions and the best, iconic recipes of the region are arranged by Main Dishes, Sides, and Sweets. If you want to know how to make a Philly cheese steak sandwich, beignets, pierogies, or chiles rellenos, this cookbook is the one for you. 
 Like most Taste of Home cookbooks, the recipes come primarily from home cooks, and like most Taste of Home cookbooks, there are lots of pictures. I tried the Long Island ice tea recipe, which was delicious.  Perusing the cookbook for something to fix with the chicken thighs I had thawed for supper, I was reminded that I used to make arroz con pollo, so I tried out that recipe. It was delicious as well.

I know that this will be a cookbook I will use over and over. The index is very complete making it easy to find something to fit whatever ingredients I have on hand, one of my prime requirements for a cookbook. I am not one to go running around finding ingredients to add to my larder. Right now I am looking for pork recipes since we just shared a pig with family members. This is the first time I have had so much pork around. Recipes Across America has a wealth of recipes to choose from.

I was so pleased to receive this book from the publicist. It is fun to read as well as a great source of recipes--735 in all. There are some great cooks in America.

Other Taste of Home cookbooks I have looked at include The Taste of Home Cooking School Cookbook and Taste of Home Best Loved Recipes. Both cookbooks are well-used at our house.

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