Monday, April 8, 2013

When Can You Start? How to Ace the Interview and Win the Job

by Paul Freiberger
Career Upshift Productions, 2013
229 p.      Nonfiction
The Shortlist

A young woman I know is looking for a new job and returned from an interview a few weeks ago thinking that she had done a great job selling herself to the interviewer. She didn't get the job, but before she interviews for the next job, I want her to read When Can You Start? Freiberger has filled his book with practical, to the point advice--Everything you really wanted or needed to know about how to get the job. 

I particularly liked the information in the chapter about researching the opportunity before going for the interview. He reminds people that you can never over prepare for an interview. I watched my son prepare for a big interview as a toy designer for a major toy company a few months ago. He poured over their design manuals and the company history. He wandered the aisles of a toy store making sure he was completely familiar with the company's product line. When he was flown in for the interview, he was totally prepared. I was impressed. I was also impressed that he turned the offer down because it was going to be too difficult for his wife's career.

The chapter called The Only Question You Must Be Able to Answer is probably the most important
chapter in the book. Freiberger says that in some form or other the question "Tell Me About Yourself" shows up in every interview, and answering that question correctly is crucial to getting the job. He offers all the best ways to answer that crucial question. Freiberger says, "Take charge of a job interview right away. You may only get one chance to impress so be attentive to the events leading up to the interview."

I would recommend When Can You Start? to anyone beginning the interviewing process, whether you are a recent university graduate, someone reentering the job market, or someone seeking to make a job change. 

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