Friday, July 2, 2010

A note from Marilyn Johnson

I received a note from the author Marilyn Johnson, whose book This Book is Overdue was reviewed in the last posting. She gives us some other websites to look at in connection with her book and with librarians. Thanks, Marilyn.

Dear Miriam Downey,
What a wonderful note to get -- thank you so much for reading the book and writing about it!
I've been working on a website for the book that might interest you (see below)-- I've gathered lots of extra features --it might be a more useful one to link to than
and I'm trying to be out there using the social media tools that librarians taught me about to help raise awareness of the importance of libraries. I hadn't heard the NPR stories you mentioned. NPR has really supported the book (Brooke Gladstone conducted one of the first interviews with me about it & she was great), but I guess they just couldn't resist....too bad!

Thanks for sharing the book! I'm proud to be week 25!



Marilyn Johnson

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