Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Gluten Free Revolution

By Jax Peters Lowell
Henry Holt     2015
632 pages     Healthy Living
The Shortlist

The Gluten Free Revolution has everything—and I do mean everything—you need to know about building a gluten-free life for you and for your family. Lowell says, "Fifteen million Americans follow a gluten-free diet, of which three million, myself included, are gluten-intolerant with documented celiac disease." She goes on to say that there is a $4.2 billion market for gluten free, and it is expected to swell to $6 billion by 2017. 

The Gluten Free Revolution includes rules to follow as you are creating a gluten-free life, recipes to try, and ways to create gluten-free families. One of the most valuable parts of the books are the lists of places to find gluten-free foods, lists of brands that are truly gluten free, and lists of gluten-free restaurants. A whole section has been devoted to gluten-free travel and gluten-free cooking schools. I was especially interested in the section on gluten-free baby food. Another section deals with doctors, medical tests, and benefits for some types of chronic illnesses. Additionally, the book has lots of recipes that look truly delicious.

My sister's children have gone gluten-free and so she has had to revamp both her home and her cottage so that she has gluten-free utensils for both places. I noticed when looking through the book that Jungle Jim's, a great grocery in their Cincinnati area neighborhood, has a gluten-free cooking school. This book, which came from the publicist, is going to go to her. 

If you have gluten intolerant family members, or you think you might be gluten intolerant, this definitely is the book for you. Jax Peters Lowell is in the forefront of the gluten-free movement and one of the creators of the gluten-free diet.  

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