Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Book of Mistakes: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future

By Skip Prichard

Center Street     2018
178 pages     Self-Help

I was with my oldest grandson last weekend. He is struggling to understand what he should be doing with his life. His parents are incredibly patient with him while he is slowly coming to some decisions about his future.  He told me that he was developing a plan—a major step toward maturity, I thought.

The Book of Mistakes is a self-help book disguised as a parable. As a person who has reviewed many self-help books over the course of my career as a book reviewer, I found this to be a refreshing change of pace. Two stories are being told. One is of Aria, a young woman in Revolutionary times who is entrusted with a book of wisdom—wisdom for the ages. The other is of David, a young man just beginning his career in the current era and questioning if it is what he should be doing. He receives the wisdom from the book in small batches from a variety of people and finds that this wisdom is changing his life. Following each of the episodes, David finds wisdom in the form of lists of mistakes while Aria learns three laws or life lessons to guide future behavior and achievement.

Prichard, who is a successful businessman, relates his lessons for life success in a unique format. I believe that The Book of Mistakes would be a valuable gift for a recent graduate or someone, like my grandson, who is floundering a bit to find his place in the world. It is straightforward in the lessons it is teaching, but disguised as fiction to make it easy to read. Prichard says that after reading thousands of books, “I’ve condensed all the information, all of the books, all the stories, all of my own experience into a simple story that will help guide you along your success path.”

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